OAH Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

The Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) office in Hunt Valley
will re-open July 6, 2020.

OAH offices in Rockville, Salisbury and Cumberland
will remain closed until further notice.

Hearings scheduled at non-OAH buildings or locations will not be conducted
in-person at this time, and parties should follow the instructions below
if they want to request a remote hearing.

On and after July 6, 2020, there will be no in-person MVA driver’s license hearings held at the OAH Hunt Valley location or any MVA location. If you have an MVA hearing scheduled between July 6 and August 3, 2020, you may request a remote hearing. OAH will not conduct in-person MVA hearings between July 6 and August 3, 2020; MVA hearings during this time that are not conducted remotely will be automatically postponed. Beginning August 3, 2020, all MVA driver’s license hearings will be held remotely. Click here for more information.

Unless ordered otherwise by the Court of Appeals, foreclosure mediations will be postponed and will not resume until after July 25, 2020, when the current stay issued by Maryland Court of Appeals Chief Judge Barbera is lifted.

A party to a matter scheduled for an in-person hearing may request that the hearing proceed remotely as scheduled by following the instructions below.

All initial requests for a hearing must be mailed to the Hunt Valley OAH at 11101 Gilroy Road, Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031.
No in-person requests, fees, or filings will be accepted.

Requesting a remote MVA driver’s license hearing

Any person who has a hearing notice for a Motor Vehicle Administration driver’s license hearing may request a remote hearing by filling out this form.
This opt-in form must be submitted at least three business days before your scheduled hearing date.

How to file a joint request for
a remote proceeding for a non-MVA case

Parties in a non-MVA case may file joint requests to convert a scheduled in-person proceeding to a remote proceeding. All parties to the case must join in the request to convert the hearing to a remote hearing.
Click here for instructions.

All parties should continue to check this website for updates.

Maryland Department of Health -
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Information

Office of Administrative Hearings

The Maryland Legislature created the independent Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) in 1990 to provide the public with a corp of Administrative Law Judges to decide appeals of administrative agency decisions. This action increased the fairness of administrative hearings by ensuring that the decision-maker presiding over an administrative hearing was not an employee of the same State agency that was involved in the dispute. Creating the OAH also saved the State of Maryland the substantial cost of maintaining individual administrative hearing units in each State agency.

The Maryland OAH employs approximately fifty-five Administrative Law Judges, each of whom was a seasoned lawyer prior to his or her appointment as an Administrative Law Judge. Administrative Law Judges preside over thousands of hearings a year and pride themselves on maintaining an outstanding record of issuing a decision in each case within ninety days or less. Each Administrative Law Judge travels around the State to provide Maryland residents, businesses and State agency personnel with an administrative hearing in as convenient a location as possible.

Maryland is one of twenty-seven States to establish a centralized panel of judges for the purpose of administrative adjudication. Maryland’s OAH handles cases arising from a larger variety of State agencies than any other central panel in the country and is one of the largest central panel agencies in the United States. Based on its lengthy history, size, and expertise in administrative law, other jurisdictions interested in creating a central panel frequently contact the Maryland OAH for advice on how to create a similar system.

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